The place where time means nothing: Isle of Skye

Isle of Skye roadBreathtaking landscapes, amazing experiences and feelings of freedom. Undoubtedly, all these terms refer to one of the most incredible places on the whole planet – Scotland. Isle of Skye, one of the most popular tourist destination and probably the most attractive Highlands’ locations does not differ from the general perception of the country of kilts.

There is so much to say about the Isle of Skye, its attractiveness and diversity, therefore I will focus only on one peninsula – Trotternish.

The Trotternish region starts at the foot of Portree, the island’s largest town and central arrival place. Its name derives from Gaelic language and means “King’s Harbor”, which in turn comes from James V who arrived to the Island in order to pacify nearby clans. Nowadays Portree is inhabited by approximately 2,500 people out of which 40% can speak the ancient Celtic language.

Trotternish is rounded by the two-way road – generally uncommon for this area. Getting around the whole peninsula may be difficult for those who are not used to driving on single lane roads. Passing places have probably saved many lives so far! : )

Quiraing“To visit Skye without experiencing the Quiraing seems unthinkable” says This wonderful landslip is one of the most phenomenal places in that area. You can follow Quiraing’s available paths if you like and also climb outlying rock formations with intriguing names, for example, the Prison – a rocky peak reminiscent of a medieval jail or keep – and the Table – a flat, grassy area with stunning views. Your 3-5 mile long walk will probably leave you quite tired, but trust me – it’s worth it! No matter if it’s sunny, cloudy or windy, the experience is unforgettable – and different each time. The Quiraing area is surrounded by breathtaking and exciting, single lane road steamers.

Old Man of Storr is a 50m tall rock formation, one of the Highlands’ most famous landmarks.  Even though it seems to be impossible to get to the top of stack, people really do this! However, it remained unclimbed until the 1950s. There are many legends surrounding the Isle of Skye and The Old Man of Storr itself. One of them says that The Old Man of Storr and his wife were running away from the giant beings living there, when they turn around to look at them. That was obviously a mistake because of which both of them were turned to stones.

Kilt RockThe area has by many other tempting attractions you won’t want to miss. One of them is Kilt-rock, magnificent 200 foot high cliff composed of basalt and dolerite. This rock formation, named after its appearance which really looks like kilt pleats, remains one of the most breathtaking places in the whole Trotternish peninsula. No matter if the day is sunny or the mist is around, views from the top are gorgeous. However, the sightseers are asked to take care and not to cross the guard rails. There is a danger of falling from this cliff but it is perfectly safe if the advised precautions are observed. It is also possible to have a look at this gorgeous cliff from the water level by taking a boat trip.

Not only waterfalls and beautiful landscapes were created in the Isle of Skye by Mother Nature. The fauna also, quite literally, left its footprints on the Trotternish ground. To be more specific, dinosaurs walked across the beach at An Corran, Staffin about 165 million years ago. Their fossilized footprints were discovered in 1996. Those dinosaurs were two legged Ornithopods. The footprints may be found close to the ramp which goes down to the Staffin beach. Is there anyone in front of their monitor right now who doesn’t want to search for the footprints on the ground? That’s also fine you know. You are absolutely welcomed in the Staffin Museum, next to the Kilt-rock, where you will find other dinosaur, footprints including the world’s smallest one!Dinosaur footprint on Staffin beach

The area of Isle of Skye is strongly connected with the film industry. Scenes of many films have been based on the beautiful Scottish rock formations.

A terrifying battle for the future of human race has been fought in the Isle of Skye, recently. The latest Ridley Scott’s film, Prometheus. The Old Man of Storr is not only a star of Skye but also a star of Prometheus. Making the image somber, the Isle of Skye, a magical place full of admirable green landscapes surrounded by lakes and waterfalls seems to be the perfect scenery for a journey to the darkest corners of the universe.

Prometheus wasn’t the only film in which the Isle of Skye’s Prometheus - Isle of Skyeamazing scenery was utilised. Another recent one was the fantasy film, Stardust, telling the story of a young man who makes a promise to his lady that he’ll venture to the magical world to get a fallen star back. It’s not that difficult to guess which real places had played the role of that magical land. Beside Iceland and England, there were magical landscapes of Quiraing in front of the cameras. The Isle of Skye has everything that film directors and producers expect to find in the Highlands. These amazing places, which seem to have come out of a fairy tale, make Skye very special for film directors and producers.

Undoubtedly, along with places such as Isle of Arran or St. Abbs, the Isle of Skye with its Trotternish peninsula is one of the most beautiful Scottish places, with breathtaking views and stunning landmarks. No wonder that the Isle of Skye is adored by the film directors and producers, as well as by tourists and the locals luck enough to live here – it has everything that they expect to find in the Highlands and more. So why are you waiting? Visit Trotternish and experience the place where time means nothing…



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