Meaning of the Details: Kilt Hose and Brogues

Gents Cream Kilt HoseThe kilt is an obligatory component of all Scottish wardrobes. Formal, semi-formal or casual – it is a traditional piece for all the important events that will occur in a man’s life. Even the most sophisticated and expensive one needs appropriate accompaniments to create an elegant, ready to wear outfit. The devil is in the details, that’s why the choice of kilt accessories is equally significant. They make the outfit look refined and truly complete. Even the smallest parts of clothing can make a huge difference to the overall look. The varieties of traditional accessories available are very impressive and hard to beat. What should we take into consideration, while picking up sublime additions to our traditional pieces?

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When choosing a kilt outfit everything depends on the type of occasion and the same also applies to the accessories that will match the outfit. Therefore it is important to establish whether the event is formal, semi-formal or casual. Because the range of kilt accessories is very wide, today we are going to look at footwear – kilt hose and brogues, which are an inseparable part of the kilt outfit. These shoes are low-heeled, typified by multiple-piece uppers with decorative elements. Elegant, well designed and comfortable – these are the most desired features to be associated with this type of footwear. We will point out three main types of traditional shoes, including their level of the formality.

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Day BrogueThe most popular are ghillie brogues, shoes meant for the most formal occasions, like national ceremonies, social events or wedding parties. The important thing that distinguishes them from other shoes is a lack of tongue and long laces, which wrap around the ankle. Historically, ghillie brogues can be traced back to a basic shoe originating in Scotland and Ireland. It was created using untanned hide with perforations on them that allowed water to drain from the shoe if the Scottish wearer encountered wet terrain. Ghille brogues are often worn by bagpipers and are a popular choice of footwear for performances. They may be combined with Prince Charlie or Argyle outfits successfully. The second type of traditional shoes is day brogues. They are undeniably more casual and suitable for many different occasions. It is a perfect solution for those who want to look elegant and modern at the same time – ideal for all kilts and daily outfits. Smart, simple and comfortable – these are essential items for all Scottish men. The buckled ones are the last we’re going to mention. They are intended for all important and formal events, as a great replacement or alternative of ghillie brogues. These are often worn by those who participate in military ceremonies. They are very elegant and their smart look ensures that they are the perfect accessory for all formal and semi-formal kilt combinations, like Jacobean or Tweed outfits.

All brogues are available on the market in many different designs and colours. The most important rule is to choose a pair that will perfectly match the kilt and other elements of the wardrobe. We should not forget about the comfort – leather shoes, made with the highest precision are the most convenient and resistant.

Lewis Celtic Cables Kilt HoseWriting about the footwear, we need to mention the socks. They play a really meaningful role, especially in traditional outfits. The most characteristic and popular style is the kilt hose. They are knee-high with the upper part of the piece folded back down. The most popular colour of hose is cream – but they also look great in many different colours and patterns. The clue is to combine them with other clothes in an appropriate way. Colourful and fancy designed elements may decorate and embellish the whole outfit with ease. That’s why we should not be afraid of stylish patterns, like argyll, diced or tartans available in many bold courageous colours. Traditional outfits do not have to be boring! The Scottish spirit can be displayed in many different ways.

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When combining kilt hose and a perfect set of brogues to the kilt outfit you need to know how to wear them properly. You shouldn’t have any problems with day or buckle brogues, but the ghillie ones may be a little challenge. First, twist the laces around each other. They should be pulled tight to prevent slipping later. Secondly, twist them at the back – you should have fewer turns at the back than at the front. The last step includes tying the knot in the way you prefer. Now, it may sound difficult, but it’s a very simple operation, which you can achieve through practice.

Buckle BroguesAccessories play a central role in all outfits, including traditional ones. It is evident that Scottish pieces can be stylish and fancy at the same time. We should not hesitate to choose colourful additions, such as socks or a shirt. The same rule relates to the shoes. There are many types of traditional brogues. And it is not restricted to the most formal types, we can also choose from many casual models, which may be worn with all clothing types. What are your favourite combinations? Share your thoughts in comments!